RESTORE Bring balance and optimal function back to stressed, fatigued or underactive bodies. 

MAINTAIN Speed up recovery times, avoid injury and reduce stress during training and rest.

PERFORM Function at an optimal level for better performance in physical and mental tasks. 

Rehabilitation Massage


  • Are looking to better manage stress and reduce aches and pains
  • Returning to exercise after a period away and require support avoiding injury 
  • An athlete or a fan of regular exercise looking to maintain or enhance your bodies natural performance.

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“The difference massage has made to the way my body functions is so undeniable, I've made it an integral part of my health and fitness routine. If you're looking for seriously effective and satisfying massage, stop your search now - Kiri is your lady.” ALEX FRASER, CLIENT



It is widely recognised that when our bodies are functioning at their optimum we are better able to manage physical and mental tasks. Regardless of what level of fitness you are at, each stage requires attention, in many forms, for us to perform at our best. People returning to fitness after a period of down time can be more prone to injury, and top athletes require help managing their condition in order to recover, train and perform better. Even a stressed mind can affect tension in the body, leading to a chicken-or-egg cycle of dysfunction. 

Performance Massage is an area of specialisation that draws on techniques from sports, rehabilitation, functional and relaxation massage, in order to best address physical issues relating to overall performance. Collectively and over time, this approach to massage works towards a healthier, better functioning, better performing muscular, lymphatic and nervous system. 


Kiri Atatoa | Performance Massage Therapist

Kiri Atatoa has been studying, teaching and performing massage since 1998. From elite athletes to everyday people wishing to stay active or achieve a certain goal, Kiri has been meeting the needs of the many throughout her career from her Central Auckland base. Kiri’s highly proficient skillset has seen her sought out by both NZ and international elite athletes, across many different sporting codes. Some of the athletes, teams and tournaments Kiri has worked with are listed below:


  • ASB Tennis tournament, 10 years  
  • NZ Silverferns, 2001 – 2015 (Auckland based)
  • The Mystics netball team, 2008  
  • Breakers basketball team, 2014 – 2018
  • Cirque de Soleil - Totem 2014  
  • International Triathletes
  • All Blacks training camps 
  • Visiting rugby teams 
  • Young America yachting team 
  • Additional codes: Touch Rugby, Boxing, Badminton, Rowing, Athletics

Although Kiri has worked extensively with elite athletes, some of the work she is most proud of, and continues to enjoy, is in working with ‘everyday people’ who want to accomplish a certain goal (marathon, tramping or competition), or just keep active.  

“Whether your goal is stress management, rehabilitation, speeding up recovery times or lowering your risk of injury, I work to help bring your body into its optimal physical state.”



All bodies are different and require individualised attention. Use the following guide to help determine what can be achieved within a certain timeframe. Allow Kiri to make the appropriate recommendations within your appointment to achieve your desired outcomes.


A great option for people short of time or who need special focus on one specific area. Good for maintenance, recovery, loosening tense muscle tissue and relieving pain.



 A good length of time for those that require work on multiple areas, or for a particularly problematic area where more time is required to sufficiently address the issue. 



 This timeframe is optimal for those looking for a comprehensive session. Address several problem areas, assist with recovery and relieve tension with a full body flush.



The ultimate full body session. Ideal for people who need problem areas addressed but who also want to incorporate relaxation techniques to relieve stress and tension. 



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